From Symmetric Nets to Symmetric Nets with Bags (2015 edition, full HD)

2015 - 2016 - ULB - Bruxelles

Nowadays, systems tend to be more and more distributed. Distribution brings a huge complexity and a strong need to deduce possible (good and bad) behaviours on the global system, from the known behaviour of its actors. For such systems, we know that classical development methods are not adequate since the coverage of possible executions is too low. This is an old observation that led people to investigate the use of formal methods. One good candidate for analysing such systems is Petri nets. More specifically, coloured Petri nets enjoy the use of a high-level language to describe data while the net structure captures the flow of information. Although they provide very nice means for modelling, their generality has the drawback of the difficulty to apply efficient analysis techniques. In this tutorial, we focus on symmetric nets which are high-level nets with a limited set of allowed data types, allowing for efficient state space analysis. We also tackle their extension to symmetric nets with bags for which analysis can still be applied. The tutorial presents the underlying theory, the verification approaches, typical applications, and puts these into practice through hands-on sessions using the CosyVerif verification environment.

S3.08 - Symmetric Nets with Bags

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Models can be made easier to describe by enhancing parametrisation and reducing interleaving. To do so, Symmetric Nets with Bags are introduced, that allow for manipulating bags of values instead of individual values.

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Orateur(s) : Souheib Baarir, Fabrice Kordon, Laure Petrucci
Public : Tous
Date : 2015 - 2016
Lieu : ULB - Bruxelles