Colloquium d'informatique

2012-2013 - Campus Jussieu

Séminaire de prestige en recherche informatique. Invitation de grands noms du domaine, visant un public large.

Camille Couprie: Graph-based variational optimization and applications in computer vision

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Image processing and analysis techniques are prevalent in various fields, such as medical imaging, materials analysis, or photography. They are based on techniques such as image segmentation, i.e., the extraction of patterns or objects, for the purpose of quantification or visualization. The classical “Watershed” segmentation algorithm “floods” the image to extract contours in the areas where different catchment basins meet. This technique is widely used in image processing, due to its linear complexity and to its ability to segment images in an arbitrary large number of regions.

The main result of my PhD shows how Watershed can be used to optimize a cost function that is very popular in computer vision and image processing. This work has two main impacts:

  1. It provides a unified model for variational segmentation algorithms.
  2. It interprets the Watershed algorithm as a general optimization method, allowing it to be used in a variety of computer vision tasks, such as filtering, surface reconstruction, stereo vision, object class segmentation.
The Gilles Kahn Prize is awarded yearly to an excellent PhD thesis in informatics. It was created by the Société informatique de France (SIF, the French learned society in Informatics) and sponsored by the Académie des Sciences.

Orateur(s) : Camille Couprie
Public : Tous
Date : Tuesday 25 June 2013
Lieu : Amphithéâtre 15, Campus Jussieu