Colloquium d'informatique

2012-2013 - Campus Jussieu

Séminaire de prestige en recherche informatique. Invitation de grands noms du domaine, visant un public large.

Mathieu Feuillet: Algorithm design via stochastic modelling: an example from wireless networks

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As wireless networking continues to develop, efficient use of the frequency spectrum, a rare shared resource, is crucial. We show that CSMA, the random-access dynamic bandwidth allocation protocol currently used by WiFi, is inefficient, and we present a simple, fully distributed algorithm that fixes it.

In this talk, we will give a brief introduction on network stochastic modelling. In particular, we will give an intuition of scaling analysis and stochastic averaging, which are used to analyse stochastic processes resulting from this kind of modelling. In the second part of the talk, we will illustrate these tools on the example of CSMA. In particular, we will explain how this approach allows us to give a precise definition of "efficient" and prove that an algorithm is efficient or not.

The Gilles Kahn Prize is awarded yearly to an excellent PhD thesis in informatics. It was created by the Société informatique de France (SIF, the French learned society in Informatics) and sponsored by the Académie des Sciences.

Orateur(s) : Mathieu Feuillet
Public : Tous
Date : Tuesday 25 June 2013
Lieu : Amphithéâtre 15, Campus Jussieu