Conference in the memory of Philippe Flajolet

14 December 2011 - UPMC - Theater 25

This conference in the memory of Philippe Flajolet pays homage to the man as well as the multi-faceted mathematician and computer-scientist. The first afternoon, which is recorded here, is devoted to testimonies of his scientific fellows and official talks. The next two days were dedicated to scientific talks; the program and slides can be found at These talks are intended to people who want to learn about Philippe Flajolet’s work, and are given mostly by co-authors of Philippe. In 30 minutes, they give a pedagogical introduction to his work, identify his main ideas and contributions and possibly show their evolution. Most of the talks form a basis for an introduction to the corresponding chapter in Philippe Flajolet's collected works, to be edited soon.

Short Testimonies

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Speaker(s) : Marie Albenque (CNRS Researcher, Palaiseau), Lucas Gérin (Associate Professor, Nanterre), Eric Fusy (CNRS Researcher, Palaiseau), Carine Pivoteau (Associate Professor, Marne La Vallée), Vlady Ravelomanana (Paris 7 Professor, Paris)
Public : All
Date : 14 December 2011
Place : UPMC Theater 25