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Eurosakai 2013

29th & 30th January 2013 -

The Sakai community, now merged inside Apereo together with JASIG, develops open software to support teaching, learning and research. Sakai CLE (Collaborative and Learning Environment) is a robust system supporting over 4 millions users to enhance collaborative teaching, learning and research. Sakai OAE (Open Academic Environment) is a completely new system currently under development that incorporates all of the values of the Sakai CLE, and reimagines a new vision for academic collaboration.
The European Sakai community joined at EuroSakai 2013, in Paris January 28-30 2013, at UPMC. See the full presentations and more at

Lessons Learned from Building LMS independent Learning tools

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Speaker(s) : Alan Berg & Hans Dekkers, University of Amsterdam
Public : Tous
Date : Tuesday 29th January
Place : UPMC - Campus Jussieu